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Palm Care Tips for the Winter

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Luckily we haven't seen snow, ice or extended cold temps but if we do, here is some advice for the care of your palms.

  • Do not hit, beat, or shake your frozen palm. This will do more damage than you may be aware of. Palms are made up of only fibers and water. It will break!

  • Do not prune any low lying fronds from your palm. This will expose your palm to cold weather and may cause severe damage or death. They also may not be dead! Only weighted down!

  • The palm tree is very cold tolerant. Up to 9 days at 18°. Please be patient. Your palm will recover once thawed. By mid Spring, you may not even remember how bad it was.

  • In colder weather do NOT water! This can cause roots to be damaged and you may not see the damage for up to a year or so!

  • Add mulch (wood mulch, pinestraw, etc) around the base of your palm. 3” of desired mulch will be proficient. Any thicker may cause trunk damage.

  • No fertilizer is needed to bring the palm back to life! Early Spring you may apply 1 tablespoon of EPSOM salt around the base about 18” out. This will be sufficient for 6-8 months.

Please feel free to contact our office at 910-742-8286 with any questions.

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