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Preparing your Palm Trees for the Storm

Hurricane season is upon us!

We all hope that a storm never comes our way but as we know, it’s not in our control. What is in our control is how we prepare. Preparation is key even down to the beautiful palms in your landscape.

What you should look for and take

action on when preparing palms for a storm.

1) PRUNING- NEVER Prune your palm thinking it will help. This may be detrimental to its growth phase and immediate health. Any pruning should take place only after the storm and if necessary for weight reduction of the canopy.

2) STAKE- All newly Planted palms by P&L Palms were installed with the process of packing around and stabilizing the root ball with a 30lb tamping rod. This stabilized your palm in preparation for any weather event that may bring higher winds. Staking your newly planted palm should not be necessary, however, if you choose to do so, please use a professional strapping system. Do NOT nail directly into the trunk of your palm!

3) WATER- As we all know, most all storms come with their own water. Your palm is a grass, it’s not a wooded tree. Your palm is composed of fiber and water. Any form of additional water should come from the storm. Do NOT water your tree before a storm arrives. Watering can saturate the soil and loosen the root system therefore putting your tree at risk for falling.

4) WIND DEBRIS- Your new P&L Palms palm tree is a very hardy specimen. They tolerate high winds very well. Your new Sabal palm can actually bend 40°-50° before snapping. Even in high winds, your trees fronds will generally hold very tight. In some cases the older (bottom) fronds will release and become debris. Simply dispose of properly with all other lawn waste.

Palms are beautiful. Palms are relaxing. Palms add a sense calm and help us to clear our minds.

Please contact us here at P&L Palms if we can be of assistance with any of your palm needs or concerns.

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