Care Instructions and Warranty

Caring for your New Palm Tree


One of the most important aspects of a successful Palm transplant is water.   Too much water can be just as harmful as too little.  A newly planted Palm needs more water than established trees.  Watering instructions vary depending on the soil types and natural rainfall amounts.  Please consult with a P&L Palms staff member for your watering schedule.


A “berm” will be created around your new Palm to ensure water reaches the root ball.  DO NOT disturb this berm, doing so may prevent your Palm from getting the proper moisture.


Fill the “berm” with water and let it saturate  the soil.  Repeat this two (2) times in succession  every day for two (2) weeks unless otherwise directed by P&L Palms staff.  For weeks 3 and 4, follow  the same process every other day. 



The only pruning you should ever need to perform on  your Palm will be removal of dead fronds at the lowest point of the “head”.  These are the oldest fronds; all newly developing fronds are feeding off of the oldest.  If you prune the oldest fronds  too soon, you may deprive the new growth of vital nutrients.


Though considered low maintenance, your Palm will need to be fertilized after a period of time.  Spotted, yellowing fronds are the first sign that it is time to fertilize.  The fronds will be unattractive, but very vital to your Palms health.  DO NOT remove these fronds until completely browned. 


P&L Palms carries a specialty fertilizer that was formulated under the recommendation of the University of Florida.  An 8-2-12 Palm fertilizer should be applied up to three (3) times per year once your Palm shows the need for fertilizer.  We recommend applications in March, June and September.   Follow application instructions as directed.  DO NOT fertilize newly installed palm for the first 6 months after planting.


Magnesium Sulfate is also recommended in addition to the 8-2-12 fertilizer.


P&L Palms, LLC offers a one (1) year warranty for purchase and shall provide this warranty to the original purchaser from the date of purchase on all Palms installed by P&L Palms/Brad Wallace Irrigation & Landscape.  This warranty is limited to one (1) replacement of the Palm. 


This warranty cannot be honored without a valid receipt from the original purchaser. 


P&L Palms/Brad Wallace Irrigation & Landscape are not responsible for irrigation and/or landscape damage during installations.

Refund Policy

A full refund will be issued on all orders cancelled within 3 days of purchase


Any order cancellation after three days will be issued as store credit

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